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Rosh HaShana

Majestic and Moist New Year's Honey Cake

Majestic and Moist New Year's Honey Cake

This is the FABULOUS honey cake Daryl Fridenberg brought to Temple Israel's Break-the-Fast table in 2016 / 5777, and we have been singing its praises ever since.  The recipe is from A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking by Marcy Goldman, and it comes to us courtesy of Daryl Fridenberg.

"I like a New Year's honey cake to be extra moist and sweet, as good a few days later as it is on the day of baking.  This one is queen of the realm -- rich, nicely spiced, and in a word, majestic in taste and stature.  I went through many variations and tasting sessions until I was satisfied with this definitive cake... Like most honey cakes, it is a good keeper and can be made a couple of days ahead." - Marcy Goldman


Chicken Soup
  • Time: About 3 hours
  • Complexity: easy
  • Origin: Yola T.

Chicken Soup

My mother has been making this soup for as long as I can remember.
Sometimes it is brimming with chicken and with fine egg noodles, sometimes Matzoh Balls, often both.
It is a clear golden broth.
It is truly a meal in a bowl. Comfort food at it's best