201402 - February, 2014

on Friday, 28 February 2014.

201402 - February, 2014

Who likes chicken soup? I think most of us do!  Either our mothers or grandmothers made it for us when we were sick as children ("Jewish penicillin," my bubbie called it, although others sometimes call it bubbe-mycin) or perhaps we were starving university students and a can of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup for 29 cents or maybe a package of Japanese dried noodles containing a packet of ersatz chicken flavour made an economical, if a not so nutritious, meal. Now that you have grown and are not (hopefully) so impoverished, you can probably afford $5.00 for some REAL chicken soup.

With the idea for the Chicken Soup Cook-Off brought to London by Rabbi Dressler and carried out by the indefatigable passion of our fundraising maven, Len Silverstein, and his team of volunteers, on Friday, February 21st, you will again have a special reason to enjoy some chicken soup - and it will be much more delicious than that canned stuff! From noon to 2:00 on the second floor of the Covent Garden Market, 5 restaurants as well as a number of individual soup makers will compete for the votes of a panel of judges (for the professional soup chefs) and the public (for the amateur competitors) in four categories including the favourite matzah ball soup. You can taste-test all of the soups and vote for the People's Choice Award and feel good, not only from the warm soup in your bellies in the middle of a cold winter, but also from the fact that you will be raising money for Temple Israel, Merrymount Family Support and Crisis Centre, and Youth Opportunities Unlimited. Also, each restaurant is required to donate ten litres of their soup for both Rotholme and the Men's Mission and the individual soup chefs will be donating extra soup, too! It's a win, win, win!

Why not get together with a car full of friends and head on down to the Market for all of the great reasons listed above. Oh, and before you forget, mark your calendars - Friday, February 21 from noon to 2:00, second floor, Covent Garden Market. In case you need it, there is an elevator on the King Street side of the building and vouchers for free parking (if you don't enter the lot using your credit card). I hope to see many, if not most, of you there. Soup's on and Bon app├ętit!

Wally Zimmerman

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