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Temple Israel General Meeting Sunday, June 23, 2019 at 1 p.m

Dear Members, Please note that there is an upcoming General Meeting at Temple Israel on Sunday, June 23, 2019 at 1 p.m., and the Special Meeting immediately afterwards.

A Warm Welcome

Click photo above to view current issue of Lev HaDavar, the Temple Israel Bulletin.

Temple Israel is a community of approximately 160 families. It is a positive and strong Reform Jewish presence in the London community, with a Religious School, Pre-School Experience, an active program of Adult Education, Social Action, Outreach, and social events. Our Shabbat Services, holiday and life-cycle observances are warm and inspiring.

We welcome Jewish and interfaith couples, traditional and non-traditional families, singles, LGBT, and people of every age, race and ethnicity. Whether you are new to Judaism or a learned scholar, you will find a warm welcome and a comfortable home at Temple Israel.

Explore our website, join us for services, classes, and programs, meet our members, visit our library and gift shop. You will find many opportunities to enrich your experience of Judaism. If this is your first visit, we hope you will come back often. Membership information can be found in the “About Us” section, on the MEMBERSHIP page.



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Temple Israel (of London)

605 Windermere Road
London, Ontario
Canada   N5X 2P1

Phone: 519-858-4400
Email: office@templeisraellondon.ca 

Rabbi Debra Dressler: 



Temple Israel on Facebook 
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Temple Israel Suggestion BoxTIGAS (GSuite)

TI News: (click a title to view contents):


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    Please visit our website often at templeisraellondon.ca or tilondon.ca. There you will find information about upcoming events, services, classes, and programs, as well as general information about your Temple. Highlights include a quick summary of upcoming events on our homepage, worship schedule on the Shabbat and holidays pages, adult education opportunities, youth education schedules, and a community cookbook. Our homepage also displays convenient links to our Facebook page, maintained by Rael Wienburg, our Google Plus page, maintained by Linda Zimmerman, and our Suggestion Box, maintained by Elizabeth Teevan.  

    If you are a TI member and have not yet received a username and password to enter the “Members’ Lounge” section of our website, please contact your Webmaven
    at <
    webmaven@templeisraellondon.ca> for assistance.
    Also, please visit our Temple Israel Facebook site and consider becoming a member:
    The March/April/May issue of Lev HaDavar, the Temple Israel Bulletin has been posted to the TI homepage. (No password required).  Past issues are available in the Lev HaDavar Archive in the Members’ Lounge section of our website. (Password required)
  • Temple Israel Events








    Temple Israel General Meeting, Sunday, June 23, 1:00pm

    followed by Special Meeting



    The new book list for 2019-2020 has been posted on the Adult Education page and the Shabbat page of the TI website, under “Shabbat Book Chavurah”.

    Book discussion dates are yet to be determined.

  • levhadavar-masthead

    View or download the Current Issue of Lev HaDavar. (no pasword required)
    Past issues of 
    Lev HaDavar
     are available in the Members’ Lounge (Username and password required.)

    June/July/August  Calendar and Yahrzeits


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  • – photo by Rael Wienburg

    Click here for the Temple Israel Library Catalogue

    You can search the catalogue by title, author, or tag (=subject)
    or browse through the catalogue in any order you wish.

    Plan to visit the Temple Israel Library (2nd floor) any time our building is open.


    ♦ WELCOME to our RJ Web 3.0 Temple Israel website!!!
    Most of our websit
    e does not require Login.  Usernames and Passwords for Temple Israel members have been created.  Login provides access to the Members’ Lounge section of our website and to Bikur Cholim Sign-Up Sheets (None at this time.)  If you are a TI member and have not received a Username and Password, or if you have forgotten yours, please contact Linda Zimmerman, webmaven@templeisraellondon.ca

    ♦ Do you need a ride?
    If you can’t drive in the dark, or you’re without a car (or license) and you want to come to Temple for any reason (a program, a service) please call the Temple Office with as much notice as you can, but even if it’s for the same day, please call. 

    ♦ If you are planning an activity…
    Please remember to call the Temple Office (519)858-4400, as early as possible to reserve a room.
    ♦ Lev Ha-Davar
    The March/April/May issue of Temple Israel’s bulletin, Lev HaDavar, is now available on the TI homepage — LOGIN NOT REQUIRED. NOTE: Past issues and calendars will continue to be available in the Members’ Lounge (Login required).
    ♦ Mishkan T’filah and Torah Commentary Dedications

    Please consider dedicating one (or more) of our new prayer books or Torah commentaries to honour a special occasion or the memory of your family and friends. Details on the Donations page.

    ♦ Our Front Door is now the Main Entrance for Shabbat and Holiday Services.
    Please note that for Shabbat and Holiday services, people are invited to enter through our beautiful front door and lobby.  The side entrance will be used to bring in food and, until such time as we have wheelchair access in the front, the side door will continue to be used for wheelchair access. 
    At all other times, the main door will remain locked, and people should enter the Temple through the side door.

    Panoramas of our Temple (front and rear views), Sanctuary, Library, and Kitchen by Rael Wienburg have been posted on the About Us – Our Building page.

    ♦ Please Note!!
    For the sake of our custodians, Ira and Sergio Saavedra, please ensure that, at any Temple function, if you move chairs from one floor to the other, you return them to their original level. Thank you.
    ♦ Please Sponsor an Oneg or Kiddush
    Members of Temple Israel take turns providing refreshments for Oneg Shabbat or Shabbat Kiddush. It:s a great opportunity to honour a yahrzeit, a simcha, or other special person or event. Contact Temple Office.
    ♦ Reform Judaism Magazine
    Reform Judaism Magazine ceased publication in 2014, after the printing of the Fall 2014 edition.   Previous content is available at reformjudaismmag.orgPast Issues and Browse by Subject).
    ♦ Suggestion Box
    Do you have a suggestion? A brilliant idea? A comment? Send it in to the Temple Israel suggestion box. Email suggestion.box@templeisraellondon.ca 
    ♦ Temple Israel Endowment Fund

    Managed under the London Jewish Community Foundation, all contributions to this Fund are held in perpetuity, and the interest income will be provided each year to Temple Israel to help support our growing needs. [MORE INFORMATION ON THE DONATIONS PAGE]

    ♦ Temple Israel on Facebook
    Thank you to Rael Wienburg for setting up a page for “Temple Israel of London, Ontario, Canada” on Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/TIonFacebook .
    ♦ Temple Israel on Google Plus
    Temple Israel now has a presence on Google Plus. Find us at http://tinyurl.com/TIonGPlus Join Google+ (It’s free), then follow our page by putting it in one of your circles. This is completely optional.  Please note that Google has indicated in October, 2018 that Google Plus will be terminated in about six months.  Our website templeisraellondon.ca remains Temple Israel’s primary means of sharing information with our members.
    ♦ Temple Israel Gift Shop and Online Gift Shop
    The TEMPLE ISRAEL GIFT SHOP and ONLINE GIFT SHOP pages are now available.

    Things to Do to Help Temple Israel that can be Completed in Three Hours or Less
      • Provide transportation for somebody to/from Services or an event
      • Provide an Oneg or Kiddush
      • Help clean up after an Oneg, Kiddush, or Holiday event
      • Join a “cooking crew” to make edibles for a Temple event
      • Help set up for a Temple event
      • Do grocery shopping for a Temple event
      • Pitch in when there is a yard clean-up
      • Provide a meal for Temple members facing health issues or bereavement
      • Sort food at the Food Bank with Temple Israel’s Social Action Group
      • Help the Soup Group make wonderful vegetable soup for the Rotholme Women’s & Family Shelter.
      • Participate by attending functions such as; Temple religious services, Tuesday Lunch n’ Learn, etc.
    ♦ WESTERN and FANSHAWE STUDENTS are ALWAYS WELCOME at Temple Israel services and programs.
    Please join us for any Shabbat or Holiday service, for High Holy Days, and for any program that interests you. Contact office@templeisraellondon.ca or 519-858-4400.
    ♦ Yahrzeit (Memorial) Board
    A lasting way to honour the memory of your loved ones. Information about Temple Israel’s Yahrzeit (Memorial) Board is now on the Donations page.
  • i blog
    The following members of Temple Israel have offered to share access to their personal or commercial blogs and websites in this space.

    We encourage other members of Temple Israel to participate.

    (If you would like your link added, please email webmaven@templeisraellondon.ca   Include your name, title of blog or website, and URL.)

    Note: Rabbi’s Blog and President’s Blog are under “About Us – Leadership” on the Temple Israel website.

    Art Benjamin
    Atheists, Theists and Other Fools
    Suzanne Boles
    Write Connection
    feature writer, content creator & writing coach

    Walter Zimmerman
    Wally Zimmerman’s PhotoSite
    These photos are from Wally’s recent exhibition at 

    Spencer Gallery, D.B. Weldon Library, Western U.

  • Community Events

    The London Yizkor Project

    The LYP was initiated by Lois Weiner Lowe z”l and after her death
    in 1985, was continued by her husband Danny Lowe z”l (who died in
    1990). The Project was developed to link Londoners (current and past)
    to their family members who perished in the Shoah. With Danny’s
    untimely death, this project lay dormant for many years. Because of its
    importance to both the London and greater Jewish communities, the
    Project has been revitalized under new (and old) leadership,

    Revisiting those family lists now, it is evident that not all families
    were interviewed and much more detail is needed. As information has
    been received by these original survivor families, it has also been
    fascinating to discover the links between those families – relatives and
    friends who sponsored some of these families, as well as the past and
    current familial relationships in London.

    New forms have been developed by Diane Goldstein and Judy
    Silver to ensure that the London link is made. If you were born in, have
    lived in or are currently living in London – and have family members
    who perished in the Shoah (even if they are 1 or 2 generations removed
    from you), then you too should be part of the LYP. The name of each
    person who perished in the Shoah will be entered into the data base at
    Yad Vashem (www.YadVashem.org).

    We encourage families – including child survivors, or new arrivals
    to London (over the last 24 years) to be part of this initiative. The
    London Yizkor Project is in a data base format. After this task is
    completed, it will be easier for individual families to develop or add to
    their own ‘family genealogical projects’.

    Please contact
    Gloria Gilbert at gloriagilbert@sympatico.ca; 519-657-3770 or
    Judy Silver at judy.silver@gmail.com; 519-858-9272
    for further information.


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