Temple Israel very much appreciates the support of our members and friends who make it possible for us to provide year-round programming in our own Temple home.  Honour your friends and family with a donation to your choice of Temple Funds, acknowledged by a lovely card.  Attend our fund-raising events — they are always fun and engaging.  Purchase Judaica from the Temple Israel Gift Shop and Online Gift Shop.

Naming opportunities are still available for areas within our current building as well as future enhancements. 

Contact Gail Bass

Temple Israel Program of Planned Giving

In looking to the future for our community, the executive of Temple Israel has begun preparations for a program of Planned Giving. Following the encouragement of former president, Jeff Phillips, a team has been assembled to explore opportunities for members to support the ongoing needs of our kahal through a variety of taxation, insurance, and estate planning measures.

In addition to Jeff Phillips the Planned Giving committee includes Gail Bass and Stephen State. Look for updates and further information in the coming months as we strengthen the foundation of
progressive Judaism in London. For more information please contact Stephen State at

Temple Funds and Donation Opportunities

Temple Israel welcomes all donations, no matter how big or small! Your assistance is needed and appreciated.


are an excellent way to honour someone for:
Anniversaries In Appreciation
Bar/Bat Mitzvah New Business
Bereavement New Home
Birthdays New Office
Confirmation Speedy Recovery
Graduation Wedding
Honour your family and friends with a donation to any of our Temple Funds:
Art, Decoration, and Design Fund
Building Fund
Education Fund
Library Fund
Music & Choir Fund
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
Rabbi Wittstein Camp George Fund
Ritual Fund
Ron Marks Leadership Training Fund
Social Action Fund

Tzedakah Fund

Youth Scholarship Fund


General Operating Donation 
Scholarship Donation


If you wish to make a donation, please contact the Temple Office, (519)858-4400. A lovely tribute card will be sent to the honouree on your behalf. Income tax receipts are issued for all donations at the end of the year.

Note re: Prayerbook Fund — To donate a prayer book with an inscription, the cost is $36; to donate a revised Plaut Torah: A Modern Commentary or the WRJ Torah: A Women’s Commentary with inscription, the cost is $75; but a contribution in any amount may be made to this fund.


Mishkan T’filah Dedications

mishkan-title-sm mt-small

As you may know, we have replaced our old siddur, The Gates of Prayer, with the new Mishkan T’Filah siddur.

Some of you were very kind and generous to dedicate a copy of our former prayer book.
Would you perhaps like to re-dedicate that same dedication in a new Mishkan T’Filah Sidur?
Would you also like to dedicate a new prayer book to honour or remember someone else or to mark a special occasion?

Your donation would be $36 each (no tax)

Payment methods accepted: Cash, Cheque,Visa, MasterCard, Interac Debit Card.

Make cheques payable to: Temple Israel and send to
605 Windermere Rd, London ON N5X 2P1

Or call the Temple Office at (519) 858-4400

Thank you very much



MishkanHaNefesh 2016

However, if you prefer to own your own copies,
please click to download an order form.


Memorial Boards

FromRaelWienburg-DSC 0776Edit


Memorial Boards (Yahrzeit Boards) are to be found in most synagogues and temples. Frequently they are cast in bronze with room for
individual plaques naming deceased relatives; a small electric bulb is next to each plaque and is illuminated when appropriate, either on the yahrzeit or during a yiskor service.

When Stratford’s Beth Israel congregation closed some years ago, Temple Israel accepted some of the important religious items from their
synagogue. Our brass ner tamid was originally theirs; the Ark curtain on our wall was the parochet which one would see when their Ark was opened, and our small Torah was theirs.
We were delighted to accept these gifts, and we made a commitment, in accepting their Memorial tablets, to hang them in our Sanctuary when we felt the time was right. They have been incorporated into Temple Israel’s memorial board.

If it is your intent to honour the deceased members of your family in this way, please contact the Temple Office, 519-858-4400 for more information.


Temple Israel Endowment Fund

 Temple Israel Endowment Fund

This fund was established several years ago with generous contributions from Abe Bonder, Desi and Kandice Brownstone , Jeff and Joyce Phillips, and Keith Samitt.
The fund is managed by the London Jewish Community Foundation and all funds are held in perpetuity. 

We have made a great start with our current donors and we are now receiving modest dividends from the fund. 

This is a long term project that will require the accumulation of substantial capital for the interest income to provide enough money to support valuable programs and services.
The true beneficiaries of this fund will be our children and grandchildren. 

One form of donation you may want to consider is buying a life insurance policy with the fund as the beneficiary.
The advantages of this would be that you would make modest contributions during your lifetime, and it would simplify your estate planning.
For more information please contact me. 
— Michael Shmukler

Managed under the London Jewish Community Foundation, all contributions to this Fund are held in perpetuity,
and the interest income will be provided each year to Temple Israel to help support our growing needs.

For Today… For the Future

We hope you will join us in creating an exciting and beneficial opportunity for the future of our Congregation — The Temple Israel Endowment Fund.

Managed under the London Jewish Community Foundation, all contributions to this Fund are held in perpetuity, and the interest income will be provided each year to Temple Israel to help support our growing needs.

Please consider the difference you can make in the future of Temple Israel through a donation today to the Temple Israel Endowment Fund.

For further information, or to make a donation, please contact Monica King, Director, London Jewish Community Foundation at 519-673-3310.

(A charitable tax receipt will be provided for the full amount of your donation.)



As of the 2006 federal budget, donations of publicly traded securities to registered charities are 100% free of capital gains taxes. By making a donation of publicly traded securities to the Temple Israel Endowment Fund with the London Jewish Community Foundation, your taxable capital gain is eliminated. As well, you will receive a charitable tax receipt for the fair market value of the gift of securities to be used for tax purposes.

Consider the difference you can make in the future of Temple Israel through a donation today to The Temple Israel Endowment Fund.

For further information, or to make a donation, please contact Monica King, Director, London Jewish Community Foundation at 519-673-3310 or at

Sponsoring an Oneg or a Kiddush at Temple Israel

Spending time in fellowship after worship services is a wonderful way in which to make Shabbat special. If you are marking a yahrzeit, anniversary, birthday, or other special event, please consider sponsoring an Oneg or a Kiddush. Sponsorships can be sent to the TI office indicating the type of event, the date for which you wish to sponsor an Oneg or a Kiddush, and whether the sponsorship represents a full or partial donation for the date in question. Donations are eligible for a tax receipt. For more information please contact: Leslie Paddock (, Yolanda Tomaszewski (, Lynn Thomas ( or Temple Office (519-858-4400,

 Please respect our Temple’s Food Policies.

Library Donations

 If you are considering donating books or other materials to the Temple Israel Library, please contact Lisa Manax.


Thank you for considering a donation to Temple Israel of London!