Kitchen & Food Policies


 Temple Israel members volunteer to provide food for Oneg Shabbat and Kiddush refreshments after services, weekday minyan breakfasts, some Shabbat and holiday dinners, and some Religious School or Youth Group programs.  We also enjoy being together for occasional Pot Luck dinners.  Our Board has established the following food policies:


Temple Israel Food Policy

Temple Israel of London is a Reform Jewish congregation, and as such, we are committed to supporting the diverse expressions of Jewish practice within our community. Temple Israel’s kitchen is not kosher in the traditional sense. Our kitchen does not contain separate dishes, cooking implements, or serving platters designated specifically for meat or dairy meals.

At Temple events, within and outside of the temple building, we will follow a “kosher style” food policy, defined in the following manner:





  • We strive to be nut-free. Our policy is that no tree nuts, peanuts, nut products, or any foods prepared with these will be allowed on the Temple premises.
  • Shellfish is not allowed.
  • Pork and pork products are not allowed.
  • No dishes combining Meat and Milk products may be served.
  • No food may be served during Yom Kippur, with the exceptions of child care and medical necessity.
  • No bread or “bread-like products” (those made with a leavening agent) are allowed during the seven days of Passover.

Further, we maintain the following food policies not directly related to kashrut.

Local and/or Israeli products should be purchased when possible.

For a copy of the complete Board policy please contact the Temple office



Food served at Temple events should be labelled as containing Dairy, Meat, or Pareve (neither meat nor dairy), with a brief listing of ingredients, whenever its content is not obvious.  This is to accommodate people with special dietary needs.

Rental Fees

Kitchen fees may be charged for use of the kitchen for special events.

Additional charges of actual cost will be made in the event of breakage.

Building personnel may be made available to assist in locating and in using kitchen equipment, as well as to clean up after a function. Labour charged with a 4-hour minimum will be made. The number of building personnel necessary will be determined by the Office or Kitchen Manager.

The building staff is not responsible for preparation of food.