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The Temple Israel Library, on the 2nd floor, offers over 2500 books for children, youth, and adults. Drop by any time our building is open!

The library is now in three rooms on the 2nd floor. The adult library is housed separately with a study table in the center of the room, the teen collection is in the oldest children’s classroom and the picturebooks, early readers and children’s chapter books are in the children’s library (hint: the room with the multi-coloured floor and sparkly blue fabric). You may borrow from any of these collections anytime.

After writing your name on the library card inside the back cover, please place the card in the labeled box provided. The entire collection may also be searched online. You may find a link to the collections on the TI website under the Education section. The borrowing program with storytime for the religious school children occurs every other Sunday.

Next time you are at Temple, be sure to visit the children’s library and see the tree the children are creating. Each visit, they add “word leafs” to the tree of the words and phrases they are learning, both English and Hebrew, from the books we are reading.


Search the Temple Israel Library Catalogue


We have dozens of collections. Here is a selection to browse.

Children’s Picturebooks Adult Fiction Jewish Thought
Children’s Fiction Adult Biography Family Issues
Teen Fiction and Nonfiction Jewish Basics Study – Rabbinic