Stained Glass

Our stained glass windows came from a synagogue in Indiana.

This detail represents the Ten Commandments.





 A floral element  











r0004 083a-1 

Stained glass based upon Temple Israel’s logo, which was designed by Thelma Rosner.




 Magen David, the Star of David

 s0056 052a

Stained Glass Window Dedicated to Memory of Rabbi Joel Wittstein 



On May 18, 2010, preceding the Erev Shavuot service, a new stained glass window was dedicated in memory of Rabbi Joel Wittstein. The development and design elements of the window, depicting themes from Rabbi Wittstein’s time of leadership at the Temple, resulted from a unique effort and spirit of collaborative sharing among  the members of Ailene Wittstein’s long-standing book club who made the donation, the creative involvement of Ailene herself, and the artist Ted Goodden.