Gomeshi, played an archived interview with Mandy Patinkin from 2013. Jian said that he frequently goes back to listen to this interview to hear the things that Mandy has to say. The CBC promo states: “Whether you recognize Mandy Patinkin as the vengeance-seeking Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride, or if you met him more recently as an introspective CIA agent on Homeland, you won’t be surprised that he’s just as determined and thoughtful off screen.”


That is almost an understatement. Mandy Patinkin is a spiritual person with depth and honesty and is absolutely unpretentious. In his conversation with Jian, he was open and honest about his fears, his anxieties, his optimism, and his Jewishness. He said that before he goes on stage he has a meditation where he mentions every person he has lost, because, he said, then he has company, and if one person remembers you, it isn’t over. His meditation also includes Hebrew, a bit of Sondheim, and a bit of Shakespeare.

Raised as a Conservative Jew, he is still observant today, lights the Sabbath candles and is proud of his heritage. However, he claims that, he subscribes to all religions, any lyric heard, anything that comforts him.

I have heard this interview twice, but this time as I listened to it, I heard and maybe felt his spirituality. What struck me was his openness, his needing to connect in the here and now, his authenticity, and his Jewishness. All of us could do a lot worse in the coming year than to follow his example. To live our lives being who we truly are, being honest and open with those around us, remembering those we have lost, and being Jewish in our thoughts, deeds, and worship might be goals for the coming year.

Bonnie Teevan