This is a thank you letter to all of you.

I want to thank the members of the Finance Committee, led by Gail Bass, who have met once a week to hash out very complex issues with significant ramifications for the future of the Temple. They have reached far-reaching resolutions which will help to ensure the financial sustainability of the Temple. These resolutions include a long-overdue request for a significant increase in dues.

I want to thank Daryl Fridenberg, who has stepped up to give us caring and faithful leadership in programming for the Temple. Those of you who were at the Passover dinner saw how skillful she is.

I want to thank Jim Stevens, who is looking after our building in an efficient, thoughtful, and economical manner. We are very lucky to have him.

I want to thank Elizabeth Teevan, who brings her educational and computer expertise to her job as V.P. of Education. Thanks to her, our religious school curriculum is on-line, enabling our teachers to plan their lessons and access their resources remotely.

Ailene Wittstein does our pre-school. We value her time and energy and the commitment she has to reaching out to our families.

And Daphne! She has done everything and anything we have needed her to do, as V.P. Communications. Now she is chairing the Anniversary Committee. The committee needs to be thanked, as well, for the effort they have put in this past winter.

Barbara Lent, I thank, for her willingness to aid and assist me, especially in our time of crisis.

Our Webmaven, Linda Zimmerman! Thank you for the countless hours you continue to put in.

Thank you to Rael Wienburg for being our audio/video go-to man.

Sandra Benjamin organizes our Temple book club. Thank you, Sandra. Art Benjamin is just Art. Thank you for being Art.

Thank you, Lisa Manax, who organizes our library, keeps our display of reading material current, and delivers book talks to our Alef and Bet classes. How lucky we are to have a professional librarian

looking after us.

Wally has been a terrific past-president, always there and willing when I need him and never telling me when I make a mistake.

Lisa Faden and Nancy Davis have organized the Social Action Committee this year, highlighted by a marvelous Chanukah party

attended by 80 people.

The choir and Michael and David deserve many thank-yous, for the time they put in, their dedication, and the joy they bring to us.

I want to thank Jennifer for stepping up this year when we needed her help in the office. We are so lucky to have her. Similar thanks to Margie and Susan Dean for taking on a new challenge and making sure we could carry on while Svetlana is on maternity leave.

Thank you to Svetlana who has volunteered to help us with the bulletin this year while she is away.

Thank you again to Stephen State, Jeff Phillips, and Bob Solomon, who used their intelligence and professional acumen to support us through our financial crisis.

Thank you to Josh Dubitsky for his leadership of the ritual committee and commitment to the Temple.

Thank you to everyone who brings goodies for the pot luck kiddushim and dinners and those of you who have sponsored a Kiddush or oneg. They have been wonderful.

Thank you to Ira and Sergio for being there for us and for caring.

The Board deserves a thank you for supporting the Temple and advising its president.

Thank you to Yolanda Tomaszewski, Nancy Macdonald and Ferne Kochberg for taking care of the Temple gift shop.

Everyone serving on committees: Social Action, Ritual, Art, and Membership has earned our appreciation. The number of people we have had engaged in these activities, including Finance and the Board,

has made our Temple community hum with life and promise.

Thank you to Margie, Elizabeth, Nurit, the classroom teachers, and the Rabbi for a successful school year. Thanks also to Linda Dutsch for organizing a beautiful Teacher Appreciation Kabbalat Shabbat.

Sharon Marks deserves a thank you, too, for donating and cooking for Temple activities.

Thank you to Louise Shanfeld for writing notes for us and for just being Louise.

Heather organized the latke making this year. A big thank you to Heather. They were delicious. Thank you, as well, to Jacob, who inspired our Purim celebration and entertained us with his costume and jokes.

Stephen State is our man of the hour, doing whatever he can: teaching Hebrew to children and adults, singing in the choir, helping with the financial problems, washing dishes, and more than he is asked. Thank you, Stephen.

I have probably left out someone, please forgive me, but not you, Tom Casler, who donated a whack of wine for Passover and Shabbat.

Thank you to all of you who have generously come to the aid of a Temple in need in our financial crisis.

Most of all, thank you to our Rabbi who is there for us with compassion and empathy, who is our spiritual leader and our teacher. She is our blessing, as are all of you: the many people who have worked

together this year to make Temple Israel what it is.

Are we not blessed? All this giving, all these people involved with the Temple, and all of us receiving as much as we are giving.

Thank you all,


P.S. Please forgive me if I have forgotten anyone.