It has been quite the year, as you can imagine. I have enjoyed the challenge and struggled under the stress, and apprehension as we searched for answers to our financial issues.

One positive aspect of this year has been the wonderful people on the Board. It has been my privilege to work with them and with our Rabbi and office staff. We are indeed fortunate to have such a talented committed group working for the Temple. One note, Svetlana has decided not to return after her maternity leave, but to stay at home with her children. Her replacement, Linda Lowe, is an extremely overqualified individual who will be a tremendous asset to our Temple. We are very lucky to have her. We are also extremely fortunate to have three very special people volunteer to be part of our Board for the next two years. After congregational approval at the General Meeting, I will be extremely happy and grateful to have Terry Sicular, Ferne Kochberg, and Jason Mandlowitz join our working team.

We have accomplished a great deal this past year: digitalizing the school curriculum, fixing the floor in the sanctuary, planning for the Anniversary Year celebration on October 17, fine tuning our financial policy, writing a donation policy and beginning the work on a code of conduct and a safe school policy that meets provincial and synagogue standards. There is always much to do in the world of the Synagogue and I would imagine that next year we will be looking at ritual, Shabbat worship, and our holiday celebrations as well as fine tuning some of the policy decisions we have made this year.

As you, of course know, we are primarily a volunteer organization, so if any of you have available volunteer hours, please get in touch with me, Daryl Fridenberg, program, or Josh Dubitsky, ritual, and we will be happy to use your time and talents.

Thank you all for your magnificent support in helping us to meet our financial goal and to put our Temple on a firm footing. Now, because the challenge never ends, as I wrote you in the congregational letter, we need those of you who are financially able, to increase your dues to a level that will sustain us in the future, ongoing.

Thank you the opportunity you have given me this year to be involved in the world in a meaningful way. It is a privilege.

Have a restful summer,

Bonnie Teevan