As I write this the summer is half over. We still have the lovely month of August stretching ahead and I am off to the Shaw Festival on the weekend for what I hope will be a wonderful week of theatre and relaxation.

Last evening we had an executive meeting with Ritual Chairman Josh Dubitsky as our guest because we are beginning to plan for the High Holy Days. We talked about our plans to give honours at services to those people who have contributed generously of both their time and money in this challenging year. We also had a preliminary discussion about beginning to implement a ticket policy for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

We, as the Executive and the Board of Temple Israel have worked very hard this year to regain a solid financial footing. Whether we ultimately will be successful still remains to be seen, but I am a perpetual optimist. We have cut expenses where we could, carefully watched our spending, and now we are looking at perhaps charging non-members to attend services on the High Holy Days in the future. While we will not charge anyone this year, it is our first attempt to work out a process that we can implement in the future and we hope all will be smooth. In any event, it will be something we can refine for next year.

I need to tell you yet again, how fortunate we are to have the Executive we do. At the meeting last night, Elizabeth, who has been working all week on curriculum with the Rabbi, went over the plans for the school in the Fall and for a series of adult education program led by Rabbi Dressler on Saturday afternoons. More about this later. Gail Bass gave us a preview of plans for tickets, Jim Stevens talked about his saving the railing on the side of the Temple with rust-proof paint, and dear Daphne give us a quick run through of
the structure of the special service we will have on October 17th, our Anniversary Weekend. Daryl Fridenberg went over the program plans for the Fall and the Executive made a few adjustments. There will be some changes to the preliminary schedule we sent out to you as we proceed. Consult the calendar, the website, or the Bulletin to confirm. Please note the reservation dates for Rosh Hashanah events in this Bulletin.

At the end of the meeting, Daphne reminded us to reach out to each other, to be inclusive and caring, and to remember that we are all part of a Temple community. There could be no better message for the New Year.

L’ Shanah Tovah