Another Temple year begins. We have many wonderful things happening for us.

We are basking in the glow of beautiful High Holy Days led by our own Rabbi Dressler. We have Linda Lowe in the office; are we lucky! We have had Daphne and her committee work their hearts out to ensure a wonderful anniversary celebration.

Sunday school and Hebrew school have begun with robust enrolment, enthusiastic teachers, and an  enhanced curriculum. We have a new program of adult education on three Shabbat afternoons, beginning at 3:00 p.m. and ending with Havdalah. We still have an excellent, committed Board working hard and caring about the Temple.

We will still be having alternate Friday evening and Saturday morning Shabbat services. We are hoping that Friday evening with potluck “pre-neg” snacks will be a convenient time for our young families to bring their children to worship with our community.

Many people have raised their dues the requested/suggested 25%. I am extremely appreciative of those who have made that choice. I would still encourage members who have not done so and can, to reconsider their donation. Your increased dues at this point will ease the nature of our financial discussions on November 15. While we are probably in better financial shape than we were a year ago (we don’t have final numbers), I don’t think we are out of the proverbial woods yet. 

Now a word about our Anniversary Celebration which was an outstanding success: the wonderful service, the dedication of the Ner Tamid by Ailene, Linda, and Wally, and the Torah covers dedicated by Thelma and David Rosner, Jill and Michael Simmons, and Stephen  State, and the elegant kiddush sponsored by Stephen State and Sagi Yaakov, the warm greetings by the Mayor, the visit and the sermon by Austin Beutel, the  presentation of the atarah by Michael and Sandra Fisman and Sharon Marks, the meaningful tribute to Rabbi Wittstein by Stephen, the beauty of our choir led by David Rosner and Michael Simmons, and then at night, the concert of Jews on Broadway arranged by Barbara Lent. It was a day we will all remember with great joy.

The occasion was real and meaningful to all of us. How fortunate we are to be members of a Jewish  community that embraces and guides the present while connecting with history in the ancient past as well as inspiring the future.

It is with lay leaders like Daphne and her committee as well as a Rabbi that sets the tone and has the vision, that we are able to accomplish this. I am very proud. 

We have many things to be thankful for. Hope to see you at services and, of course, at the Annual Meeting.