At the June 6, 2016, General Meeting, the Congregation elected the new 2016-2017 Executive and Board.

As the new President I want to take this opportunity to thank Bonnie Teevan for her commitment and work for Temple Israel over the past two years. Bonnie is now Immediate Past President and we expect her to continue to be just as involved. We are fortunate to have all our Vice Presidents and Board Directors who served in 2015-2016 returning. A special welcome to our newest Board Director, Martin Hess, and to Wally Zimmerman who is returning to the Board as a Director. You will find a full list of the 2016-2017 Executive and Board at the back of the Bulletin.


The Congregation received detailed reports from each of the Vice Presidents. 2015-2016 was an extremely busy year for Temple Israel and 2016-2017 may be even busier.

Highlights from the General Meeting

Barbara Lent presented our new Respect Policy and Daphne Stevens presented our new Privacy Policy; both are available on the Temple Israel web site. Ensuring that our existing and newly approved policies are easily available (web site posted) is a priority for this year.

Daphne Stevens provided an update on communications and membership. The major event for 2015-2016 was the 30th Anniversary Celebration. Lev HaDavar continues to be an important tool for the congregation. Contributions by Wally Zimmerman to the London Jewish Community News places Temple Israel firmly in the broader community. 2015-2016 was a banner year for new memberships exceeding the combined totals of the previous two years for which we thank Susan Dean (Membership Committee Chairperson).

Elizabeth Teevan highlighted the varied, expanding and successful educational programs for adult and youth. Activities included High Holy Day Family Retreat, Chanukah, Share the Warmth, Sh’ma Pyjama Party, Chocolate Seder and Camp TI Day, to name but a few. Looking ahead, all programs will continue in 2016-2017 and there will be an education initiative around our new High Holy Days Machzor.

Jim Stevens continues to ensure Temple Israel has a welcoming, secure, safe and inviting building and environment. Security, in particular, has been upgraded. Repairs and maintenance of the building and grounds is ongoing; a majority of the work has been undertaken by Jim himself.

Gail Bass shared our significantly improved current financial position. She acknowledged this was due to the support and generosity of members. We have restored all funds in donation accounts and we continue to cut back on expenses as much as possible to best deploy membership dues. As you receive this message you will have received the 2016-2017 dues notice. We urge you to continue and wherever possible increase your financial support for the Temple.

Daryl Fridenberg outlined all of the past programs for the year. These included Chanukah latke making, High Holy Day meals, Sukkot breakfast, Share the Warmth, Purim hamantaschen baking, Second Passover Seder dinner, and the Teacher Appreciation Dinner and the work of the Social Action Committee. Thanks to all who volunteered which made these events so successful.

2016-2017 promises to be just as busy. I will have many opportunities in future issues to share my thoughts with you.  For now, I want to thank our leadership, volunteers and especially Rabbi Dressler for making Temple Israel our spiritual home.  We welcome all new members and volunteers for the events ahead.


— Jason Mandlowitz