Shanah Tovah!

I want to extend my best wishes for a “good and sweet” New Year: 5777. We look forward to seeing all our members, their families and guests at Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and then Sukkot.


This issue of Lev HaDavar provides a guide to the High Holy Days being held at the Jewish Community Centre (536 Huron Street) including dates, service starting times, and other information such as babysitting arrangements and Rosh Hashanah meals.

I want to remind you that again this year, for security reasons, Temple Israel is issuing and will be mailing High Holy Day tickets to members who have arranged to meet their financial commitments for 2016-2017. For other members and guests High Holy Day tickets will be available at the JCC as you enter services. You are encouraged to remit your 2016-2017 membership information and dues as soon as

possible. Your financial support and generosity are greatly appreciated. As a new President of Temple Israel I have been impressed by the tireless work of your Executive and the engagement and support of congregants who make our programs, services, and High Holy Day celebrations possible. Thank you to all who have participated at Temple Israel.


You will soon be receiving a report from the Board following the scheduled September 2016 meeting. The meeting agenda has many items which may be of interest. For example, we will be considering establishing a new Finance Committee to advise on financial sustainability and we will be prioritizing future needs for education programs and our successful school. We are also developing a new communications strategy to improve our outreach to members and the broader London community.

We encourage you to share your thoughts on all of these matters or to raise others which should be considered at future meetings. Again, best wishes for the New Year from myself and members of your Executive and Board of Temple Israel.

— Jason Mandlowitz