A Message from President Jason Mandlowitz


As the Winter season ends, I am sure that you are anxiously awaiting the coming of Spring.

February and March were highlighted by a number of activities, including the celebration of Purim, as well as new social programs: Bowling, and our highly successful fundraiser – Saturday Night Live at Temple Israel comedy night.  On March 31, we held our annual Teachers’ Appreciation Night Shabbat Dinner, and we are looking forward to celebrating the annual Second Seder Dinner at the Temple on April 11.




On behalf of the Temple Israel Executive and Board, I want to thank our members and supporters for their continuing financial generosity which has allowed us to reach our budgeted revenue targets for the 2016-2017 fiscal year.  With three months still left before year-end, we continue to look for revenue generating opportunities and ways to minimize our expenses.  

In March, the Board approved a number of changes to our Donation Funds, intended to make it easier for you to target donations and for the Temple to better connect with our priorities.  Our most popular Donation Funds remain unchanged: Ron Marks Leadership and Training Fund; Rabbi Wittstein Camp George Fund; Youth Scholarship Fund; and the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund.  Changes were made to other funds.  The former Adult Education Fund has been renamed the Education Fund and its purpose expanded to include all educational initiatives.  The former Kitchen Renovation Fund has been combined with the Building Fund.  All of the Donation Funds link directly to our budget setting process and come under the responsibility of an Executive Member.  We are confident this will give us greater flexibility while ensuring accountability.  

Changes to the Donation Funds have already been posted on the Temple Israel website, and your  support, as always, is greatly appreciated.

Immediately after Passover, the synagogue’s new Sustainability Working Group will be convened for an advisory meeting.  The purpose of the Working Group is to share ideas to allow Temple Israel to remain on a sound financial footing.  If you are interested in participating in the Working Group, please contact the office or myself at Temple Israel.   

At Temple Israel, we are blessed by the commitment and dedication of Rabbi Dressler and our Executive, Board, and lay leadership.  My personal thanks to them for their work on our behalf and all their contributions to congregational life.  

Best wishes to you and your family for Passover.

 Jason Mandlowitz