The coming of spring and summer brings hopes of good mes as the weather improves. Our hopes that warmer, sunnier days find you in good health. A meditation before our morning service

reminds us of how our lives are connected spiritually to past and current generations and how important Temple Israel is to us all.

Within these walls we sit surrounded by numberless generations. 
Our ancestors built the synagogue as a visible sign of God’s presence in their midst.
Throughout our long history, our endless wanderings it has endured,
a beacon of truth, love, and justice for all humanity.
Its presence guided our ancestors to lives of righteousness,
holding up to them a vision of their truest selves.
Now we, in our turn, come into this sanctuary to affirm the sacredness of our lives.

On behalf of the Board I want to thank our members for their generous financial support for Temple Israel expressed through dues, donations and sponsorships. I want to especially thank the retiring members of the Board whose last year of service was 2017-2018: Daphne Stevens, Wally Zimmerman, Lisa Manax, and Martin Hess.

At our June 10, 2018 General Meeting we will be welcoming a new slate of Directors and Officers for 2018-2019. Let me invite you to join us at the General Meeting to show encouragement and support for our Board (new and continuing members) and to be part of our celebration on the occasion of the retirement (from Merrymount) of Ailene Wittstein.

Jason Mandlowitz, Temple President