How quickly time passes. It seems like just yesterday that we were all together at the Jewish Community Centre for High Holy Day services. During Yom Kippur I was able to begin to share with you some demographic information about our congregation. I received excellent feedback on my presentation along with suggestions to share more information.

Based on our data from 2017-2018 we can conclude that on all scores our membership and their financial commitments are weighed to older families/individuals.
Almost 60% of heads of household are 60-80 years of age. Of these, 25% are 60-69 and 32% are 70-79. This compares with 11% of heads of household being 40-49. Only 2.9% of heads of household are under age 40. Similarly, about 63% of membership dues come from those 60-80 years of age. Of these about 33% comes from those 60-69 with 30% from those 70-79. This compares with 7% of dues coming from those 40-49.

Donations reflect a similar pattern. About 80% of donations come from those 60-80 of age. Of these about 40% comes from those 60-69 with 43% from those 70-79. This compares with 5% of dues coming from those 40-49. Do you see the same trend that I do? Like many other congregations we are well supported by those over 60 years of age. We know, for example, that based on head of household, the average age for the congregation is 61.4 years of age. This compares, interestingly, to those whom we see regularly at Shabbat, services and celebrations: 71.5 years of age. Knowing more about our membership allows for ongoing planning. We strive to meet the needs of all our member families and, at the same time, take steps to attract more younger families to Temple Israel.

If you have any suggestions, I encourage you to pass them on to myself, Gail Bass – VP Finance with responsibility for Membership, and our Rabbi.

Jason Mandlowitz