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“TI: The Next Generation” features web links to interesting projects, activities, awards, and accomplishments of the teen and adult offspring of our members.  We rely upon parents to send a brief paragraph and optional URL to webmaven@templeisraellondon.ca for display on our website.

Reported September 2018:


RACHEL ZIMMERMAN BRACHMAN (daughter of LINDA & WALLY ZIMMERMAN) was on the Cassini team for 13 years.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

News: And the Emmy goes to: Cassini’s Grand Finale

Source: https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?feature=7232

JPL has won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Interactive Program for its coverage of the Cassini mission’s Grand Finale at Saturn. The award was presented Saturday, Sept. 8, at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards in Los Angeles by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Accepting the award were members of the JPL Media Relations and Public Engagement offices, and leaders of the Cassini Mission.

“This award represents the special magic that happens when we combine the stunning imagery and powerful science from a mission such as Cassini with the extraordinary talents of an innovative media and communications team. By honoring our interactive program on the Cassini Grand Finale, the Television Academy honored the great cause of space exploration, and I am tremendously proud of our Public Engagement and Media Relations teams for turning the end of a mission into a new beginning for communicating the wonders of our universe,” said Michael Greene, the Lab’s director for Communications and Education.

In 2017, after nearly 20 years in space and 13 years revealing the wonders of Saturn, NASA’s Cassini orbiter was running out of fuel. As a final act, Cassini began a whole new mission-its Grand Finale. This journey into the unknown would end with a spectacular plunge into the planet. JPL created a multi-month digital campaign to celebrate the mission’s science and engineering accomplishments and communicate why the spacecraft needed to meet its end in the skies of Saturn.

Cassini’s first, daring dive into the unexplored space between the giant planet and its rings kicked off the campaign on April 26, 2017. It culminated on Sept. 15, 2017, with live coverage of Cassini’s plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere, with the spacecraft sending back science to the very last second.

“The Cassini team is tremendously grateful that our mission’s amazing story was told in such a creative way by the communications team at JPL, and that the TV Academy has chosen to honor that story. Receiving an Emmy is one more amazing first for Cassini,” said Cassini Project Manager Earl Maize.

The multifaceted interactive campaign included regular updates on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and the Cassini mission website; multiple live social, web and TV broadcasts during which reporter and public questions were answered; a dramatic short film to communicate the mission’s story and preview its endgame; multiple 360-degree videos, including NASA’s first 360-degree livestream of a mission event from inside JPL mission control; an interactive press kit; a steady drumbeat of articles to keep fans updated with news and features about the people behind the mission; state-standards aligned educational materials; a celebration of art by amateur space enthusiasts; and software to provide real-time tracking of the spacecraft, down to its final transmission to Earth.

“To an incredible spacecraft that could and did. To an amazing mission that guided her. To our public that followed her for 20 years before she plunged into Saturn but sent science to the end. Go NASA!” said Alice Wessen, manager at JPL’s Public Engagement Office.

“Thank you to space fans, if you’re a current space fan or future space fan. We can’t fit you all into mission control but we can give you a virtual seat and we can put you at Saturn and we can put you at Mars,” said Veronica McGregor, manager of JPL’s Media Relations Office. “Thanks also to NASA and JPL for having a culture that tells us to shoot for the stars in all of our positions, whether we are explorers or storytellers. This is for science, for science literacy, and discovery.”

The Creative Arts Emmys honor outstanding artistic and technical achievement in multiple categories including animation, casting, cinematography, costumes, visual effects, title design, interactive programs and more. Awards in over 50 categories were announced on Saturday. The prestigious Governor’s Award was presented to the “Star Trek” franchise, with William Shatner and 100 cast and crew members from multiple “Star Trek” series appearing on stage. An edited version of the show will air on Sept. 15 on the FXX channel.

The Primetime Emmys will be awarded by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in Los Angeles on Sept. 17. A full list of winners is available here.

The Cassini-Huygens mission is a cooperative project of NASA, ESA (European Space Agency) and the Italian Space Agency. JPL manages the mission for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Washington. JPL designed, developed and assembled the Cassini orbiter.

Reported August 2017:

Jordi Mand, photo by Will O’Hare

Jordi’s new play “Brontë: The World Without,”  will be featured in the 2018 season at the Stratford Festival, Stratford, Ontario. It tells the story of the famous literary sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë.  “Jordi Mand, among the very finest playwrights of her generation, has created a profoundly beautiful and detailed exploration of these three women, who – living in poverty with their ailing father and dissolute, dying brother – find desperately needed self-expression,” said [Antoni] Cimolino, [artistic director of the Stratford Festival].

JORDI MAND, daughter of DARYL FRIDENBERG and JASON MANDLOWITZ, is a Canadian playwright based in Toronto. Her first full-length play, Between the Sheets, been produced nationally, internationally and published by Playwrights Canada Press. Her second full length play, Caught, premiered in 2016 as part of Theatre Passe Muraille’s season. Other work includes: The Speedy (World Stage Festival/UnSpun Theatre), Right of Passage (Theatre Yes), The Knot (Tonic Theatre). Jordi has new plays in development with the Stratford Festival, Carousel Players and Litmus Theatre. She has been a Playwright-in-Residence with Theatre Passe Muraille, Carousel Players and Nightswimming Theatre. She is a past member of the Tarragon Theatre’s Playwrights Unit and the Stratford Festival’s Playwrights Retreat. Jordi is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada.

Reported March 2013:

TESSA SPROULE, daughter-in-law of TI members LEN & MAXINE SILVERSTEIN, now holds the position of Director of Digital Content for the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The CBC announcement says, “Tessa’s responsibilities will now include all content and she will be a key part of the team that is identifying our video content needs on all of our platforms and outlets.” and “Tessa … is one of the company’s most valued digital innovators.” Len said, “We are so proud of our daughter-in-law Tessa. 20 years ago Tessa volunteered her time to the CBC just to ‘get a foot in the door.’ She is now a senior executive in charge of all digital media content at CBC.”

Reported August 2012:

ZACHARY NEVIN, grandson of TI member BESSIE BORWEIN, has cycled across Canada. The expedition was called “Cycling to end Multiple Sclerosis”. His uncle Peter has had MS for about one and a half decades. The disease has taken a great toll on him, as well as the rest of the family. The same is true for many other families affected by MS. Zachary told us about the expedition: “The cycling itself was 6,336km in total (as registered by our GPS units). We ended up averaging 240km per day, completing the expedition in 28 days of cycling. There was a 400km day from Edmunston, NB to Moncton, NB. We believed that by going as fast as possible (professional athletes were telling us that we wouldn’t be able to hit 200km per day), we could give people something to cheer for and more importantly make this an attractive story for large news stations, making it easier to generate funds after the expedition is completed. In essence, the idea of the expedition was this: ‘We are not biomedical researchers, so we can’t actively go out and try to find a cure’. This is us doing what we can with the abilities we’ve been given.” (http://cyclingtoendms.com/)

Reported June 2012:

JUDY SILVER, daughter of ART & SANDRA BENJAMIN was appointed as Temple Kol Ami’s new Director or Education!
Judy has spent her entire career in Jewish Education, previously holding teaching positions at Bialik Hebrew Day School, Bet Shalom Congregation, and Temple Har Zion. She served for five years as Director of Education at Shir Tikvah Congregation in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she was involved in all aspects of youth education in a school of 185 students. As well, she has experience with Reform Jewish camping, having spent a number of summers at URJ Camp GUCI. Judy was selected from a number of qualified candidates after an extensive search conducted by Kol Ami’s Director of Education Search Committee, co-chaired by Sheri Epstein and David Cohen. Judy has served for the past year as the coordinator of our Madrichim (Student
Teacher) program, and she is excited to be taking on a larger role in the Religious School of Temple Kol Ami.

Reported February 2012:

DAVID JEROME, son of KATHLEEN & LAURENCE JEROME, was awarded third place (prize valued at $100.00) in the Right to Know Week Essay Competition, sponsored by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC). The purpose of RTK Week is to raise awareness about people’s right to access government information, while promoting freedom of information as essential to both democracy and good governance. Students were asked to write on the following topic: “In the era of Wikileaks, where should the line be drawn for access to government records?”

Reported January 2012:

DAVID JEROME, son of KATHLEEN & LAURENCE JEROME, while President of the King’s Student Union, helped establish the King’s Co-Op Bookstore, one of the first campus bookstores in North America to be owned and operated by students. The bookstore recently celebrated five years of successful operation. Jerome’s leadership in establishing the bookstore inspired his parents to establish the King’s Co-op Bookstore Award, which is directed to students who take social action on behalf of the King’s Community.http://issuu.com/ukings/docs/tidings_w11_webfinal (see Page 18)

Reported December 2011:

ANNA ROSNER, daughter of THELMA & DAVID ROSNER, founded Books With Wings http://www.books-with-wings.org
Books With Wings is a Toronto not-for-profit organization which provides brand new, quality picture books to First Nations children who reside in isolated Canadian communities. The organization consists of five dedicated volunteers who are driven by the belief that literacy, education and equal opportunity are critical elements in the transformation of the lives of our First Nations children.

DAN ROLLMAN, son of BARBARA & GARY ROLLMAN, is Founder and President of RecordSetter http://recordsetter.com/
“We believe everyone can be the world’s best at something. Our mission is to raise the bar of human achievement through world records.”

RACHEL ZIMMERMAN BRACHMAN, daugher of LINDA & WALTER ZIMMERMAN, was recently honoured by The Women’s International Film & Television Showcase with their 2011 Visionary Award for her invention of the Blissymbol Printer at age 12, and her career in Space Education. http://www.thewifts.com/2011Honoree_RachelZimmerman.php

TESSA SILVERSTEIN, daughter-in-law of MAXINE & LEN SILVERSTEIN was selected as the CBC’s featured employee of the week. With over 5000 employees this is a great accomplishment!

DAVID LIVINGSTONE, son of PEPA LIVINGSTONE was awarded the Massey Medal for outstanding achievements in Canadian Geography.