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Our Torah from The Memorial Scrolls Trust

Our Torah (MST#357) was one of 1,564 Torahs from Czechoslovakia rescued by The Memorial Scrolls Trust in London, England.r0003 028 We use it with great reverence for its history and for its continued reminder that Am Yisrael Chai , the People of Israel continue to live by exercising our precious right to worship and study together.  Our Torah is from an unknown town.  We consider Teplice as its honourary home, in honour of our member, Pepa Livingstone’s home town.

In this photo, the Torah rests upon the Lectern, a reading table made by one of our members. This photo was taken at Selihot, a time for prayer and study in preparation for the High Holy Days. The white Torah cover at the right side of the photo is about to replace the coloured Torah cover used through most of the year. The Shofar, a ram’s horn used during the High Holy Days, is at the left.

Temple Israel of London’s Own Westminster Torah Scroll – Video by Rael Wienburg – 20130831

The Memorial Scrolls Trust

The Story of the Jewish Torahs of Czechoslovakia

We don’t know much about the origins of our particular scroll from the Westminster Trust, but here are some interesting histories of some of the other scrolls from The Memorial Scrolls Trust:

Our Torah from Beth Israel, Stratford, Ontario

1341 1342

The Torah is dressed in an embroidered cloth cover. The Yad, a pointer shaped like a hand, is used to follow the text while reading. The breastplate is another decorative item. The text on the breastplate comes from the Torah service.  It says “It is a Tree of Life to those who hold fast to it.”

Ner Tamid, Ark, Parochet, and Lectern 

s0004 170b

Ner Tamid , the Eternal Light represents God’s presence

The Aron Kodesh, ark is a shelter for our Torahs. It was made by one of our members.

p0567 01a 
The Parochet , curtain that covers the Torahs in the Ark, was made by Ailene Wittstein. 

s0051 116b 
The Lectern was designed and built by two of our members.  It can also be seen in the photo of our Holocaust Torah, above. 

r0018 118a 

Parochet from synagogue in Stratford, Ontario

 The Ark Project 2012-2015


Shin-S Ark-with-Shin-S

On Simchat Torah, 25 September 2013, Temple Israel of London dedicated a new ark and Torah reading table, built by local craftsmen.

 The project was guided by our hard-working Ark Committee.  A big thank you to all involved.

A new ner tamid, parochet (ark curtain), and Torah covers were also hand-crafted.